National Specials Weekend highlights valuable work

Tuesday, 02 December, 2008

Special Constable Polly Marsh

The valuable work of Special Constables across Dorset was highlighted
during National Specials Weekend - with the Special Constabulary being involved in a variety of community policing initiatives.

Dorset Police Superintendent Mick Rogers said, "The Special Constabulary is highly valued within Dorset Police. We have approximately 300 Special Constables within the county from a variety of backgrounds carrying out duties equivalent to another 26 full time officers over the course of a year.

"Special Constables across Dorset are active in Safer Neighbourhood Teams, response units and in specialist roles. They play an important role in making Dorset safer and making Dorset feel safer. "We are delighted to be one of the top performing forces in the country for the number of Special Constables relative to the size of our force."

Special Constable Polly Marsh, 20, has been a member of the Special Constabulary in Dorset for one and a half years and believes anyone considering becoming a Special Constable should join.

She said, "Volunteering as a Special Constable has changed my life. It has been great for my personal development and my confidence and I really enjoy being part of a team that is doing so much to help the community."

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