Lothian & Borders Police Force patrol Scottish Parliament Buildings on Vectrix Electric Motorbike

Friday, 10 October, 2008

Lothian and Borders Police Force are replacing their petrol patrol car covering the 20-30 miles daily to patrol Edinburgh's Scottish Parliament areas with an electric Vectrix maxi-scooter. Leading by example to reduce transport emissions and traffic congestion in Scotland's capital, the Vectrix is the first electric vehicle purchased by Lothian & Borders Police force.

With the substantial number of pedestrians in and around the Scottish Parliament buildings every day, the Vectrix provides Lothian & Borders officers with a safe, unobtrusive and humanly interactive patrol vehicle that inflicts neither noise nor air pollution. An electric car would struggle to provide the power or range to cope with Edinburgh's hilly terrain. The zero
emission Vectrix provides the performance, responsiveness and presence required by the Police to deliver the highest level of public service in a cost effective and environmentally
responsible manner.

Dignan McCulloch, Fleet Manager, Lothian & Borders Police, said. 'Police Forces like all organisations across the country are addressing continuously increasing fuel costs and environmental concerns. It is interesting that in investigating alternatives, we are actually discovering new and more effective methods to deliver our service.
The implementation of the vectrix as a direct replacement for a car is a substantial achievement and goes a long way in helping us to reduce our carbon output. The Vectrix is very easy to handle, offers excellent performance and it looks the part. We are looking forward to putting the bike into service and exploring other opportunities to further implement Vectrix bikes both at Edinburgh Airport and the Royal Infirmary.'

'Scottish organisations are really surging forward in their pursuit of environmental and cost effective forms of transportation.' notes Alex Bamberg, Managing Director of Vectrix UK Ltd.

'Lothian & Borders Police have identified key areas where the Vectrix can replace four wheel vehicles reducing both emissions and congestion within Edinburgh City Centre.'

In 2001 Lothian and Borders Police were the first force in Scotland to be awarded the Energy Efficiency Accreditation by the National Energy Foundation. The Force is committed to sustaining, protecting, enhancing and conserving the environment through its policies and activities and
where possible through its influence on others.

Transport energy savings are encouraged by promoting alternative forms of transport such as walking, cycling, rail and bus and it aims to minimize vehicle use and promote alternatives through
sourcing alternative fuel sources and reducing fuel consumption. They have already implemented over 48 LPG cars within the force and alternative fuels and renewable energy sources continue to be examined to maximise energy reduction.

Lothian & Borders Police are the second police force in Scotland to invest in the Vectrix technology, Strathclyde Police already uses two Vectrix maxi-scooters to patrol BAA Glasgow Airport.

Key features of the scooter are

1) Zero carbon emissions
2) Fully charged range up to 68 miles
3) Top speed of 62 mph (100 km/h)
4) Acceleration 0-50 in 6.8 seconds
5) As responsive as a 400cc scooter but with a 125cc classification, making the bike accessible to anyone with a provisional licence who has completed CBT training.
6) Multi-function throttle controls a slow-speed reverse for greater manoeuvrability and easy parking
7) The onboard charger recharges the scooter in just over two hours from a standard 1 10/220V (3 pin) power socket.
8) Low noise for reduced sound pollution
9) Estimated battery life of 10 years (based on 5,000 miles per year)
10) DAaRTTM system - Twist back the throttle for instant acceleration, and twist it forward to slow down smoothly and safely, in addition to the front and back Brembo disc brakes.

For more information contact:

Susan Finn, Vectrix (UK) Ltd - Tel: +44 (0)1962 777600 e-mail: marketing@vectrix.co.uk

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