ACPO response to tackling gangs

Wednesday, 28 May, 2008

Former Head of the Tackling Gangs Action Programme and ACPO national coordinator for serious and organised crime Jon Murphy said:

"ACPO welcomes the Home Secretary's continued commitment to tackling violent gun and gang crime, including the involvement of seconded staff to ensure continued input from police officers with hands-on experience of the issues. There is no quick solution to these complex issues: enforcement alone is not sufficient and partnerships with local community organisations are crucial to success. Close working with other agencies, too, is important, and for instance the commitment of SOCA and Customs to bring increased focus to bear on trafficking in weapons is particularly welcome.

"The programme provided an opportunity to bring together the good work that has been taking place up and down the country. Over the period of the programme all areas have seen improvements and the extra resources announced today will help ensure that progress continues. Thanks are due to the four cities, their communities and police forces, for their engagement and commitment."

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