Innovative voice distortion technology protects anonymity of Trident witnesses

Wednesday, 13 February, 2008

Impact Marcom, the audiovisual company today announced it is working with Trident, the Metropolitan Police initiative to tackle shootings amongst London's black communities. Impact is providing innovative voice distortion technology designed to protect anonymity of witnesses in the courtroom. It will help encourage residents to come forward regarding gun related crimes in the Capital.

Set up in 1998 to help bring an end to a spate of shootings and murders amongst young black Londoners, Trident is running a series of events in around London's black communities during February to explain the 'special measures' now being used at court to protect witnesses.

Impact Marcom will be supporting these events, demonstrating its technology, allowing residents see the level of security offered by their technology. In 2005-6 the Trident succeeded in sending down gun related criminals for a total of 852 years.

The technology solution from Impact Marcom was designed working closely with Trident. It makes certain the voice cannot be identified; by changing elements such as the pitch, depth, and speed of the voice, it ensures the accent, gender, age cannot be detected. Used in the courtroom, the defendant and all members of the public gallery will not be able to hear the witness' true voice.

Detective Chief Superintendent Helen Ball, Head of Trident said:

"Trident is working within the community to encourage people to come forward to help police with investigations into gun crime. The information meetings taking place in the coming weeks will highlight our work and the steps we are taking to protect the community."

Julian Philips, managing director, Impact Marcom said:

"Despite significant advances in forensic science, convictions for serious crimes are still dependent on first hand witness statements.

"In cases of community gun crime, witnesses can be reluctant to come forward. By using specially designed voice distortion technology, witnesses can deliver their evidence in court with complete anonymity regardless of age, gender, ethnic background, or regional accent.

"Impact Marcom is working closely with the police and CPS to provide voice distortion technology and other advanced evidence gathering and presentation solutions".

About Impact Marcom

Impact Marcom is recognised as a leading provider and integrator of audiovisual and videoconferencing technology. The company offers a complete range of products and services, providing bespoke solutions to public and private organisations.

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