'Unfinished business' on police pay

Thursday, 07 February, 2008

The government may wish to draw a line under the 2007/08 pay dispute and just move on, but we've still got unfinished business. This was the message delivered by the staff associations representing the UK's 170,000 police officers at the Police Negotiating Board (PNB) yesterday.

In a statement delivered by Staff Side and Police Federation of England and Wales General Secretary, John Francis, to the Official Side at the PNB meeting on 6th February 2008, Mr Francis said:

"Staff Side feel very bruised, very angry and very badly let down at events over the last few months.

"The time has now come to see evidence of a different attitude from the Official Side.

"We have now had two years where the Home Office has constantly prevented the Police Negotiating Board being able to operate effectively.

"This has brought the Police Negotiating Board into disrepute.

"Uniquely two weeks ago saw 25,000 police officers on the streets of London expressing their disgust at their treatment and the way they feel betrayed.

"There has been a clear breach of trust and the ball is now firmly in the court of the Official Side to demonstrate by actions, not words, that the negotiating process recognises the restrictions placed on police officers and treats them fairly.

"We consider 2007 unfinished business. I have already mentioned that the Judicial Review is pending [Agenda item 3"> and we are pursuing our claim for a level playing field.

"We will not discuss 2008 until 2007 is finished.

"We want to hear from the Official Side how you intend to rebuild trust to enable Police Negotiating Board to work effectively."

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