You've got options with the Housing Options London Affordable New Homes Show

Are you a first-time buyer, earning between £15,000 and £60,000, and struggling to buy a home?

Housing Options invites you to its London Affordable New Homes Show taking place on Saturday 20 June 2009 at Wembley Stadium, the Great Hall, Wembley, between 11am and 4.00pm.

This free event, organised by Housing Options - jointly delivered by London HomeBuy Agents MHO and L&Q - is the only London-wide housing event, which brings together major affordable housing providers operating in London, independent financial advisors (IFA's) and solicitors.

All will be on hand to offer expert advice about New Build HomeBuy properties and shared equity housing products. With a single visit, Londoners will be able to find out more about products such as New build HomeBuy, Rent to HomeBuy, and MyChoiceHomeBuy.These
products provide safe and secure, high quality housing solutions enabling anyone earning up to £60,000 to access the property ladder on a part-buy, part-rent basis, or through a shared equity product. This offers real help now to those currently struggling to purchase a home on the open market.

Graeme Moran, Managing Director at MHO, said: "HomeBuy products are key to stabilising the current financial market. They provide sustainable housing opportunities by encouraging more responsible mortgage lending on smaller shares of properties that people can afford to buy."

"More and more people are realizing there is an affordable and secure alternative to buying a home on the open market. Housing Options is currently receiving a large influx of interest.This show is an ideal way for us to give Londoners a one stop opportunity to shop for a home they can afford, as well as talk face-to-face with sector experts."

Nic Bealey, L&Q Director of Strategy, Marketing & Sales, said: "During times of economic uncertainty, housing associations help play a major role in building communities. Through Housing Options we are able to offer Londoners a range of opportunities into affordable home ownership.

"The Housing Options London Affordable New Homes Show will showcase the thousands of affordable new homes and other home ownership solutions available across the capital, while
IFA's will be able to advise people on how to get a mortgage they can afford, and find the lenders offering the best deals to suit them."

People, who are trying to get a foot on the property ladder but are unable to attend the event, can log on and register their details at

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