Threat of Key Worker Exodus

A survey by Housing Options at their Affordable New Homes show in October 2007, illustrated a large number of London Key workers would consider moving out if assistance was not available.

First time buyers can search for new affordable homes at the Housing Options Website The site provides information on schemes such as part buy, part rent etc. Housing Options is run by the Government-appointed Home Buy Agents, Tower Housing and MHO.

Policelife and Metropolitan Life magazine regularly highlights schemes designed to make housing more affordable. With smaller pay rises anticipated and escalating debt in the UK we will continue to provide as much information to our readers, because we believe you deserve to live in affordable housing of a high standard.

Steve Nunn, Managing Director of Tower Homes, which jointly delivers the Housing options service with Metropolitan Home Ownership said "As property prices increase and mortgage interest rates remain high, more people are being priced out of buying their first home. "Schemes such as New Build HomeBuy, Open Market HomeBuy and for key workers, Intermediate Market Rent are all available now to help Londoners find a high quality home they can afford. This is vital in ensuring we continue to build sustainable, mixed communities for the future."

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