Underdoor Viewer

The very latest Goodman Bentley Underdoor Viewer is suitably called the
VIPER UDV, because of its dual strike capability. It has been designed
to obtain live video and audio from within a stronghold by the insertion
of its 3.95mm blade width, comprising of the very latest optical array,
taking the image to the very forefront of the blade using a 2.10mm
diameter tube.

The VIPER UDV is totally unique & has never been achieved before.
This latest technology is used to provide the very best images available
to commanders preparing risk assessments in hostile environments such
as Hostage Taking and Seiges.

Operating alongside the highly sensitive and operationally proven
Knowles FG series of miniature microphone, in a self contained and
highly portable format reporting to a high resolution, low light
capability, monochrome camera onto a TFT screen. This presents the
only truly effective solution to this dangerous area of operations.

The Underdoor Viewer is an integral part of any Rapid Intervention Team,
and provides that vital intelligence of numbers of persons that are secreted
within a given area, and provides the intelligence on weapons being used,
and the layout of a stronghold, before Rapid Entry is made.

For further information please contact

Goodman Bentley on 01487 740671 alternatively you can visit their website at www.goodmanbentley.com

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