Turning the tide on catalytic converter theft

Once applied, SmartWater\'s High Temperature Marker shows up under UV light.

The crime deterrent power of SmartWater forensic marking is to be made openly available to the commercial vehicle sector for the first time, it has been revealed.

A new High Temperature Marker developed by global risk management specialists, SmartWater Technology Ltd, will tackle head-on the growing problem of catalytic converter theft that blights fleets and private motorists alike. The British company's latest innovation was officially unveiled at the Commercial Vehicle Show, held at Birmingham's NEC (April 9-11).

The SmartWater High Temperature Marker provides durable, long-term forensic traceability to catalytic converters and other vehicle exhaust components. Unlike other products which need regular re-application, it is guaranteed to last a minimum of five years or 100,000 miles if applied according to the simple instructions and comes with no recurring fees beyond an affordable one-off kit price.

While SmartWater has long been deployed in a variety of scenarios by organisations including BT Openreach, Network Rail, National Grid and G4S, this is the first time the forensic marking technology has been openly available to the commercial vehicle sector.

Each marking kit contains a unique code which is registered to an individual vehicle, providing undeniable traceability and a powerful deterrent to thieves who, as independent academic research has shown, well understand the dangers of stealing SmartWater marked property.

The precious metals in a typical catalytic converter, along with ease of access underneath a car, van or truck, has made them a popular target for thieves. Despite being worth only 100-200 pounds in resale value, replacement costs run into the thousands for motorists or fleet managers, in addition to the disruption caused to businesses and personal lives.

SmartWater chief executive, Phil Cleary, said: The SmartWater High Temperature Marker has been thoroughly tested and proven to withstand the extremely high operating temperatures of catalytic converters and other exhaust system components. The identification of catalytic converters has historically represented a problem for the police, as without traceability it is very difficult for them to prosecute a suspected thief. The SmartWater High Temperature Marker provides durable, long term traceability that will assist in prosecutions thereby creating a powerful criminal deterrent.

We have used expertise gained in adapting SmartWater for a range of industrial environments and arrived at this point, where we can say that the SmartWater High Temperature Marker could put the brakes on runaway cat theft figures!

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