Professional Badges & Identification Systems from Identibadge

Identibadge is a leading distributor and manufacturer of visitor and staff identification products. Their range includes lanyards, badge reels, staff & visitor passes, badges and parking permits.

They also specialise in bespoke items such as specially printed lanyards, passes and ID cards.

The knowledgeable staff members have extensive experience and the ability to find the perfect product to match your requirements. They can provide samples or a catalogue on request.

This pioneering company's impressive product portfolio falls into particular categories. These are: books and inserts, badges and holders, lanyards, clips reels and chains, reception area, personalised ID items, self laminating passes and can also cover most requests under the title miscellaneous, such as parking holders & permits.

Amongst Identibadge's new products are the Anti-Theft lanyard and the Double Ended lanyard. The anti theft lanyard is a flat fabric lanyard that is 315mm in length. You can attach one end of the lanyard to your handbag/belt etc and the other to an item such as a purse or keys to keep it safe.

The double-ended lanyard is 10mm wide with a metal dog clip at either end. This helps to prevent the badges from swinging or turning around. This therefore keeps the ID badge visible at all times. These are available in blue, red, green, yellow, pink or white.

All items purchased from Identibadge are usually delivered throughout the UK within 2 working days. The company's office is open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and the staff are always available to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Call them on 02086452555 or you could visit for more information on the products, to order online and to find out if Identibadge is the perfect company to cater to your professional and identification requirements.

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