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The balance between updating technology for both Incident Command Units and Rapid Response vehicles whilst managing budgets that are being frozen or in some cases cut, provides the Emergency Services with an unenviable task. The public expects support services to have the latest technology, but are always questioning the overall cost. It is essential therefore that the most cost effective options are utilised.

The choices available can seem overwhelming, but fortunately where mobility and rapid deployment capabilities are key operational requirements, Primetech offers a specialised and unrivalled range of products.


A major success story for Primetech in 2010 has been the launch of the new Micro-Sat Lite which brings affordable, minimal weight satellite technology to vehicles, either as new installations or quickly retro fitting existing vehicles. For any of the Emergency Services, this means easy installation onto the roof bars of smaller, more agile rapid response vehicles as well as the larger, heavy load carrying incident command and control vehicles.

Extremely simple to operate, the fully automated, self-seeking satellite system weighs just 18kg; compare this with some satellite systems weighing between 60-100kg!

Operated by the push of a single button, the Micro-Sat Lite has possibly the fastest pointing system in the UK, typically taking just 40 seconds to acquire its target spacecraft, with network access granted shortly afterwards.

The system does not require a computer or laptop to assist with deployment and its performance should not be underestimated, because with an 80 cm antenna and powerful 6 watt transmitter the system can be deployed to deliver high speed satellite broadband anywhere in the UK and RoI.

Primetech also offers an audio visual 'pack', recently commissioned by Bott Ltd for inclusion into three Gwent Police vehicles. The pack includes touch screen monitors and Sky TV domes - everything required for real time incident briefings. A spokesperson at Gwent Police commented: "we're delighted with our three new vehicles. They will help us ensure high visibility and service to the communities of Gwent."

In addition to the provision of both off the shelf and bespoke satellite solutions, Primetech provides a secure, auto-meshing portable wireless network, which allows the creation of a "bubble" network for additional wireless devices such as PDA's and laptops to be used outside of the vehicle. These small wireless units can be placed anywhere, on top of a roof for example, creating a range in excess of 1km - 'auto- meshing' means that they can be daisy-chained with each other to extend the range. They can be dropped around a building for example, and are built into a body pack, so a first responder can wear the wi-fi unit on a belt round his waist with a head cam, and transmit live video back to the vehicle.


Primetech is renowned for the provision of innovative, state of the art, technology and the launch into the UK of the, rugged, small footprint Acura Power Brick™ mobile computer system is no exception.

The PowerBrick Atom™ Mobile Data Terminal is a small, affordable, industrial computer system utilising solid-state technology based on a proven concept characterised by no moving parts designed to be mounted discretely within any vehicle. Safe from both tampering and theft, it will provide users with unrivalled performance, dependability, and toughness.

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