Police benefit from Vistamatic protection

For optimum safety and discreet observation without having to open doors, Vistamatic secure vision panels have been installed into the new state of the art £7.5m Divisional Police Headquarters for the Lincolnshire Police Authority in Grantham.

The panels will provide the headquarters with controlled access into secure areas by simple operation of a lever mechanism. In the open position the panel is clear for observation, in the closed position the panel becomes opaque for complete privacy. The panels have been installed into the doors of the intox, detox, photo and fingerprint rooms, custody suites, incident, interview and waiting rooms.

Project manager Inspector Barry Steele explains: "Our old station was no longer able to deal with the demands of modern policing, and did not comply with the latest Home Office advice on safety and security. With the new facility we now have safer detention of prisoners in an environment designed to cope with these demands. We have a duty of care to look after the welfare of everybody in the custody suite and these vision panels have provided invaluable assistance in helping us to achieve this."

VISTAMATIC Vision Panels are Police Evaluated Products boasting Secured By Design (SBD) approval and meet British Standard BS EN ISO 9002: 1994, as well as BS 6206 for Tempered Safety Glass Class 'A'. The panels are made from 7.4mm laminated glass on both sides and feature a centre sheet of glass that moves freely to provide either a clear or totally obscured vision.

Ray Carnell of Allenbuild Midlands, the main contractor and designer for this project, explains:

"VISTAMATIC Vision Panels were specified for Grantham Justice Centre because of their well-established record of providing reliable security, privacy and protection in sensitive environments for clients such as the MOD, NHS and the prison service. They provide a practical solution for environments like this, where opening of doors should be kept to a minimum, or where it would be an advantage to see before physically entering or leaving a room."

VISTAMATIC models are available with fire protection and can be upgraded to meet the British anti-bandit Standard BS54 by way of an ultra high performance 3M Security Window Film. Operating handles can be fitted on both sides, or to one side , or a key restricted operating system can be added for extra security and safety.

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