Pioneering Ergonomic Designs Herald New Dawn for Body Armour

Recognising and responding to the negative issues associated with wearing operational kit and traditional body armour, Aegis Tailored Protection has spent the last 18 months investing in pioneering research with a stable of carefully selected independent experts to strip body armour right back to its core.

Poised to unveil its next generation capability this Autumn, Aegis is pioneering a whole new approach to this market in collaboration with ergonomics specialists, advanced material specialists and a knowledge transfer partnership with John Moores University.

With wearability key, the resultant next generation range gives a greater degree of comfort and flexibility whilst retaining its inherent protection values. Re-writing the rules on tailored protection, Aegis has reconsidered every single element, including how best to carry load on the body for greatest efficiency and least strain, and how to carry additional work equipment whilst making sure the overall load is well distributed for minimum strain on the body.

The first product details to be unveiled is the Ergonomic Hip Belt, a brand new lightweight design which is strategically shaped for greater flexibility and freedom of movement.

Its softly cushioned fit cleverly avoids pressure points or the quipment 'digging' into the body. A soft gripper fabric stabilises the load during activity and a ventilated foam core provides cushioned, comfortable fit and allows breathability in conjunction with an open structure lining.

Adjustable positioning allows for different configurations of equipment to suit individual requirements and different postures/movements, without the risk of overloading the belt and causing unnecessary fatigue or repetitive strain.

Excitingly, Aegis are working with a breakthrough outer fabric finish which boasts an ultra hydrophobic and self cleaning surface so that oils, grease and dirt simply roll off the surface. Precise product details on the entire body armour range will be formally unveiled in the Autumn, but for interim information please call Aegis Sales Director Paul Parry on 01925 840048.

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