PaceNet Video Interview Recorder

In the world of law enforcement, commercial investigations and disciplinary hearings, video recordings provide an accurate and impartial record to benefit all parties. Previously, the size and complexity of the necessary equipment made recording impractical.

To make the recording process as straightforward as possible, ClearView have developed a compact PaceNet recorder, in use by UK police forces, which is easy to use with only two controls: RECORD and STOP. PaceNet records between one and three cameras onto single or multiple DVDs. The discs can be replayed on standard "high street" DVD players or computers.

PaceNet recordings can also be sent over an IP network for live monitoring or hard disc back-up. Facilities are available to time-link written notes to the video recording live, or on a typed transcript on replay. A particular section of recording can be found instantly by mouse-clicking the relevant section of word document.

For more information please contact: Marie Brown, ClearView Communications 01245 214 104 or email or visit

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