HRS launches latest technology at National Security 2011

Human Recognition Systems (HRS), winners of the Home Office TD2 Innovation 2011 award, is launching its latest multi-modal biometric technology platform, 'MForce' at the National Security 2011 conference on 5 July.

MForce is designed for organisations that operate in remote, difficult or temporary environments and need to manage identities and gather intelligence. The system is configurable and provides considerable functionality including biographic and biometric data capture, latent fingerprint capture and searching, location mapping, access control, skills and asset tracking.

National Security 2011 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre provides the perfect opportunity to launch MForce to a target audience that has security and positive identification at the heart of what they need to achieve.

MForce is the most comprehensive biometric system in a single multi-functional package, combining positive identification with portability.

"Fresh on the back of our award-winning success with Biometrics In Motion, we are very proud to launch MForce. It is a highly portable multi-modal biometrics system combining finger, face, iris and DNA in a secure, easy-to-operate identification platform," said Lee Hannis, Business Development Manager.

"MForce is integrated with the latest portable and handheld components, which support clients whether they're on patrol, in a temporary camp or forward operating position," said Lee.

"Additionally, it offers a plug and play versatility that no single biometric vendor can offer. This allows clients to select the right biometric device for their operation knowing that data can be synchronised and centrally managed regardless of the equipment used."

HRS has been able to develop MForce thanks to its practical, hands-on deployment experience and knowledge gained in delivering rugged, mobile biometric systems for the military and other agencies operating in difficult environments. The MForce team also includes in-theatre experienced professionals and translation staff ready to perform data collection and identifications services.

Delegates attending the conference on 5 July can watch MForce demonstrations at the Human Recognition Systems exhibition stand and discuss the returns on investment for MForce when it's deployed to facilitate projects in challenging environments. Special requirements for one-to-one consultations can also be arranged during - and outside of - the conference by emailing or calling him on 0151 254 2888.

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