Gloves with the "WOW " FACTOR

HATCH - Signature Ergo-Cut

Hatch consistently produce the highest quality, most innovative gloves and other protective gear for Law Enforcement and the Military.

In traditional gloves, the thumb and palm are cut out of the same pattern limiting the thumb movement and decreasing the dexterity of the thumb.

However HATCH gloves are three dimensional, fourchettes between the fingers enhance the natural contour of the glove for a better fit.

The floating - thumb design offers greater dexterity and freedom of movement, and because of the gloves not fighting the natural formation of the hand, this prevents bunching of excess fabric and therefore allows more tactility.

Finest leathers are used for optimum comfort, durability and flexibility for the task in hand, and protective, high-tech fabrics such as Spectra, Kevlar, Dyneema and Hipora are selected to provide a state-of- the art protection from cuts, punctures, heat, chemicals and flames.

The gloves are sized from X small to XXX large and some are available with the CE mark. They come under different categories. Duty Gloves, Cut Resistant gloves, Tactical Gloves, Dog Handler gloves, Reflective Traffic Gloves, Armour Tip gloves and Street Guard gloves, and many more.

Further Hatch products are the extremely light and flexible Knee and Elbow Pad, Body protection, Kevlar and Nomex Hoods, Carry Bags and Gear Bags.

The result - Truly engineered products that keep you more comfortable and protect you more effectively.

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