Gang Given 50 Year Sentence Following Five Year Crime Spree

Dennis Fontenot

Kabba Kamara

A ruthless gang responsible for a series of armed robberies stretching across the country has today been jailed for a total of 50 years.

The use of forensic evidence provided by SmartWater Technology Ltd played a pivotal role in the prosecution of one of the gang leaders, Kabba Kamara. As the investigation unfolded officers discovered Kamara, along with fellow gang leader Dennis Fontenot, belonged to a criminal network from Liverpool that were responsible for a number of attacks carried out between 2005 and 2010 across the North of England and Wales.

The gang were stopped in their tracks after being involved in a high-speed smash following a robbery on a Sunwin Services cash-in-transit courier outside a Co-Operative store in Wirral. The three armed men challenged a security team as they replenished an ATM machine outside of the Co-Op store. Kamara, who wielded an axe during the robbery, along with the two other men stole two cash boxes during the raid, one containing £10,000 and another containing £35,000.

The gang made off in a stolen Nissan Quasqai which they later swapped for a stolen BMW 5 series. But as they made their getaway, they became stuck in traffic and were tracked down by police. They eventually crashed into another car, leading to the apprehension of Kamara, whilst his accomplices Barry Dillion and Paul Jones were arrested in nearby streets after fleeing the scene.

Kamara had attempted to open one of the stolen cashboxes whilst in the getaway vehicle, resulting in traces of SmartWater being found on his gloves and trainers at the time of his arrest. This evidence was used by Prosecutors to forensically link him to the crime.

Whilst on trial the Court heard details of several other robberies involving Kamara, including a £20,000 cashbox raid at a Liverpool petrol station. SmartWater evidence was again presented to the Court after traces of the forensic liquid from the cashbox were recovered from a stolen Vauxhall Signum used as the gang's getaway car. The vehicle also contained a cigarette butt with Kamara's DNA on it. He was today given a 20 year extended sentence, to include 14 years in custody.

Dennis Fontenot, 37, and Barry Dillon, 30, were both jailed for six years after pleading guilty to robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery respectively. Paul Jones, 35, pleaded guilty to robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, and aggravated vehicle taking. He was given an 18 year extended sentence to include 12 years in custody.

Detective Sergeant Heather Kelly from Merseyside Police said: "These are ruthless people who committed a number of violent robberies in Merseyside and other areas. I am delighted that justice has been done and that these dangerous people are behind bars."

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Binks, who led the investigation in the north east, said: "This was a complex investigation that has successfully put these dangerous men behind bars. I would like to thank all the witnesses who have supported this investigation and the team of detectives and staff who have worked tirelessly to unravel this conspiracy."

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