Excelerate Technology Extends The Range of Satellite Broadband with RapidNet Wireless Perimiter

Excelerate Technology, the leading supplier of satellite and wireless-based data, voice and video solutions, has announced the immediate availability of RapidNet Wireless Perimeter, a new rapid deployment wireless node.

Designed and developed at Excelerate Technology's new Cardiff-based R&D facility, it enables mesh networks to be quickly established to extend the transmission range of broadband satellite solutions. It will enable operational personnel to maintain phone, data, radio or video communications with mobile command and control facilities at distances of up to 300 metres per node deployed with up to almost limitless expandability

RapiNet Wireless Perimeter comprises three component parts. The wireless node head features a series of signal lights that indicate a series of six operational modes including the range of the wireless signal and battery status. It simply slots onto a tripod which extends to a maximum height of approximately 12 feet (3.65 metres). A tubular battery cell provides around eight hours of continuous operation and clips onto one of the Tripod legs to provide additional stability. The battery is 'hot swappable' ensuring uninterrupted communications when used at an incident scene and all wiring is contained within the tripod making it quick and easy to assemble.

According to David Savage, CEO of Excelerate Technology: "RapidNet Wireless Perimeter provides a cost effective solution that will extend the capabilities of emergency services operating at the scene of major incidents. It enables operational personnel to maintain voice, data and video communications with command and control centres including the use of the latest COFDM-based bodyworn CCTV systems that provide high quality images without requiring line-of-sight."

To extend the wireless range even further in any one direction, multiple units can be deployed enabling data to be relayed between each node and then on to the mobile command and control vehicle.

This enables information and data to be securely transmitted and provides the ability to use the satellite broadband connection to send data to HQ or any other authorised sites.

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