Doorstorm- The worlds's smallest forciblle door entry solution from MEL Secure Systems

MEL Secure Systems, the leading developer of surveillance and security solutions, has launched DoorStorm, an innovative new forcible door entry solution. Designed to enable local police units, fire and other response agencies to rapidly access locked or blocked premises, DoorStorm provides a quick and easy way to silently open virtually any locked door in seconds. It can also be used for jacking or door wedging to prevent access to or exiting from premises.

DoorStorm weighs less than 6kg and is more compact, easier to carry and use than traditional battering ram systems and is operable in any orientation including inverted. It features a new vanadium high stress steel ratchet and cranking system that increases torque by up to 17 times when extended and is geared for use by a single operator without requiring high levels of strength. DoorStorm is also safer to use as it eliminates the sudden bursting open of doors, preventing injuries to operators and occupants alike.

"DoorStorm is in daily use with police departments across the USA," commented Simon Lusty of MEL Secure Systems."We are currently in negotiation with a regional public order testing unit to trial what must be the world's smallest forcible door entry solution."

This new solution is available in two versions -DoorStorm Ultra-i is the smallest with a length of just 20.3cm and a maximum stroke of 11.43cm. DoorStorm Max-i is designed for a wider range of doors and is 30.5cm long with a stroke of up to 19cm.

Available exclusively from MEL Secure Systems, DoorStorm will deliver significant savings by minimising the cost required to make premises secure as doors are usually still functional after being opened. It is also always ready to use and does not require regular or routine maintenance as it contains no hydraulics, pneumatics, oil, seals, priming fluids or hoselines.

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