Cybertech prime delivers compliance recroding for Blackberry smartphones

A Proven Solution Enabling Financial Institutions To Comply with Planned FSA Requirements For Recording All Phone Transactions

CyberTech, the world's fastest-growing and 2nd largest compliance recording provider, has announced the immediate availability of CyberTech PRIME, a new mobile call recording solution for Blackberry® smartphones. CyberTech PRIME extends existing phone recording infrastructures to incorporate mobile phone recording, enabling organisations to comply with the planned FSA guidelines relating to financial transactions and related conversations made by traders using company issued phones.

CyberTech PRIME is quick and easy to deploy as part of any CyberTech system to provide a single integrated solution for recording all interactions from fixed lines and mobile phones without having to replace existing infrastructures. CyberTech PRIME provides a transparent and secure mobile recording resource for the whole organisation and is virtually seamless in operation.

According to Paul Manyweathers, CyberTech's Director of Global Business Development - Financial markets: "CyberTech has taken a significant lead in the marketplace with this new compliance solution that is already proven in daily use with a number of global financial institutions. It provides a cost effective solution to comply with the FSA's upcoming regulations and enables organisations to better manage risk in an increasingly mobile centric business world."

CyberTech PRIME will enhance risk management by providing impartial, verifiable evidence of every conversation, with time and date stamps for authentication and identification enabling disputes or investigations to be rapidly resolved. It can also be used by organisations as part of their business continuity planning processes enabling 'business as usual' to be maintained in emergency scenarios where recorded desk phones are unavailable. It will also enable staff to work securely from home or other locations in the event of unexpected disruptions caused by pandemics, weather or transport issues.

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