Cut-Tex PRO - Slash Resistant Clothing To Protect Frontline Staff

A cut above the rest! PPSS CEO Robert Kaiser with one of the Cut-Tex™ PRO sweatshirts his company has developed and is manufacturing.

PPSS Body Armour, a UK based manufacturer of bespoke knife, bite and slash resistant clothing, have now developed world beating slash resistant clothing using their recently developed high performance blade cut resistant level 5 fabric Cut-Tex™ PRO.

Cut-Tex™ PRO is a groundbreaking combination of high-tenacity, high-modulus polyethylene fibres - combined with several other "technical fibres" - weaved by special high-density knitting machines, resulting in outstanding slash resistant clothing and fabric.

The company, which produces body armour for clients around the globe, says its Cut-Tex™ PRO is the world's best, which is reinforced by passing the stringent British Standard and European blade cut resistance standard BS EN 388:2003 6.2 Level 5 - the highest level possible for textiles and protective gloves.

The CEO of PPSS, Robert Kaiser said: "The potential applications for our world-beating knife, bite and slash resistant material is endless. Already there has been a huge amount of interest in Cut-Tex™ PRO locally, nationally and internationally.

"PPSS specialises in developing absolutely unique, bespoke garments for local government, law enforcement, emergency services, prison service, hospital staff, schools and private security companies around the world.

"With Cut-Tex™ PRO, we now have a material that is incredibly lightweight and breathable, and we have been able to develop the following items of protective clothing, all using this new material:

• Slash resistant sweatshirts for one of the world's leading metal pressing companies
• Slash resistant boiler suits and sleeves for high security mental health facilities
• Slash resistant undergarments for private security professionals
• Slash resistant work trousers for refuse collectors

"Level 5 is the highest level you can get for testing knife and slash resistant textiles or protective gloves. Cut-Tex™ PRO has passed all required tests with flying colours. We believe it is only a matter of time before our Cut-Tex™ PRO clothing saves a life.

"'Prevention is better than cure' and 'better safe than sorry' are two sayings which make more sense within personal safety than anywhere else.

"Issuing knife, bite and slash resistant clothing can mean preventing potentially fatal injuries."

A video showing the full potential of Cut-Tex™ PRO can be found on the PPSS website:

Further information about Cut-Tex™ PRO is available by calling PPSS on:

+44 (0) 845 5193 953 or

by emailing them at:

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