C4i-Global:Tracking and Image Capture software for police BlackBerry devices

More and more police forces are turning to BlackBerry smartphones to help reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. With the development of C4i Global (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence) a powerful and sophisticated new image capture and tracking software system developed by BCB International Ltd, this trend is set to continue.

CaptureCam, the image capture software, utilises the high resolution BlackBerry camera but instead of storing images on the actual device, each image is time-stamped, geo-tagged, categorised, identified by the user's collar number, then transmitted and stored safely onto a remote server. The saved data can then be subsequently retrieved, viewed, shared and reproduced by authorised personnel for evidential purposes in order to help secure convictions.

The geo-tag and time-stamp software not only pin points and records the precise location and time that incidents and events occurred, but by storing the images away from the actual device avoids the potential risk of inappropriate images being viewed by unauthorised individuals. The remote storage of images also overcomes any data protection issues arising if BlackBerry devices are lost or accidentally misplaced.

Ideal for recording incidents such as domestic violence, public disorder and RTAs, it is also possible to transmit (where appropriate) images of scenes or individuals to other BlackBerry police users to assist in their searches for missing persons, suspects and stolen vehicles, etc.

The AutoLocate software works in parallel with the CaptureCam software and enables control rooms and senior officers to not only view where each of their officers are at any particular time, but also to produce an audit trail showing where they have been. The ability to remotely monitor resources provides significant operational benefits and allows senior officers to verify that manpower is being used appropriately in order to drive down unnecessary costs and improve overall effectiveness.

Endorsed by Research in Motion (RIM) the manufacturers of BlackBerry devices and exhibited on their stand at the ACPO 2010 Conference, CaptureCam and AutoLocate software is simple and quick to install, easy to use and are just two of the functions the C4i-Global solution offers to UK police forces.

Barry Davies, Director of BCB International Ltd and former member of the SAS commented, "By adding C4i-Global to their existing BlackBerry devices, UK police forces can not only immediately improve the speed and way they respond to serious incidents such as terrorist threats, gun and drug related crimes, but also improve the way they interact with general members of the public as they perform their regular duties". Davies added, "Modern police forces need to be able to respond rapidly to dynamic and volatile situations and this probably why we are seeing so much interest in C4i-Global".

BCB International Ltd is a British company and was founded in 1854 and has been a supplier to the MOD of over 50 years. To arrange a free demonstration of the C4i-Global software, contact:
BCB International Ltd
Clydesmuir Road
CF24 2QS

Tel: 02920 433700

Email: info@bcbin.com


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