Burglars That GLOW In The Dark

Burglars are to be given a new 'glowing' trademark with the help of DNA technology being launched by police in north Manchester.

SelectaDNA is a property marking system that has a unique DNA code registered to each home. It will be placed on valuables in a number of carefully identified 'crime hotspot' streets in Moston and Harpurhey as part of a burglary clampdown.

The system allows anything that is stolen during a break-in and later recovered to be traced back to its owner. It will also link a burglar back to the same crime scene, increasing the chances of a successful conviction in court.

The Moston and Harpurhey Neighbourhood Policing Team will be out delivering the DNA kits to the streets identified for the project and deterrent signs are being put on display in the area to warn off criminals. Residents are being given high-visibility window stickers to indicate that SelectaDNA is protecting their homes.

Neighbourhood Inspector Gareth Parkin said: "We are doing all we can to put a stop to burglary and this is a proven way of successfully driving down this kind of crime. Not only do we want to catch offenders, who are breaking in to homes, more importantly we want to stop them from trying.

"Burglary can cause so much pain and heartache in people's lives and we need the help of residents to make this work. We will be offering all the help and advice we can to ensure that people's valuables are marked in order to make them less attractive to thieves."

Selectamark sales director, James Brown said: "The SelectaDNA project in the Moston & Harpurhey area will be one of the most challenging and exciting we have been involved with. As has been the case in other areas across the UK, we hope that by protecting homes with SelectaDNA, there will be a significant reduction in crime and as a result an improvement in the quality of life of residents."

For more information on the SelectaDNA project contact the Moston & Harpurhey Neighbourhood Policing Team on 0161 856 4501 or

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