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Traditional protective helmets are often regarded as impractical, conspicuous and bulky. The manufacturers of the new Targa helmet claim that by designing their innovative helmet with the input of those working in the field, these concerns should now be a thing of the past.

The streamlined Targa's unique modular configuration means it can be quickly adapted in line with any situation. The result is a helmet system that combines superior protection and user comfort with a relatively inconspicuous and stylish design. The Targa is seen as an ideal helmet solution for Tactical Support Teams, Crowd Control, Mounted Police and Dog Handlers.

Targa have developed a revolutionary visor that retracts into the helmet, rather than flipping onto the outside of the helmet where it can be easily damaged. An impact protective centre comb can be colour coded for role/rank identification or easily removed to assist with ventilation.

In developing their helmet, Targa have applied for multiple patents to protect from competitors copying their unique proprietary design and features. The Targa is also certified to all the relevant EN helmet standards in order to make it suitable for paramedic, rescue, structural firefighting and wildlands firefighting applications across Europe.

The Targa helmet introduces unique flexibility for the wearer without compromising on protection. The Targa should also significantly change the helmet wearer's expectations of comfort, ergonomics and functionality. Maintenance costs are also kept to a minimum so the lifecycle cost of the Targa helmet should also be considerably lower than comparable helmets.


• The lightweight and fully vented base helmet is fully breathable to aid wearer
comfort in hot environments.

• The addition of the top comb gives increased impact protection.

• Face shield is fully retractable inside the helmet and covers the whole of the face.

• Lower helmet can be added to provide additional side and neck protection.

• Helmet webbing can be easily adjusted via a simple ratchet mechanism to fit
all head sizes.

• Good in life costs as individual helmet modules can be easily replaced.

• High visibility glow-in-the-dark paint options available for night time working.

• Full approval to EN443 ensures no compromise on safety standards.

The Targa Police Helmet (code PE401) is available from Bound Tree Medical at the cost of £139 including blue comb and choice of wording.

Alternatively Targa Helmet (code PE404) also features the pictured torch holder and costs £149.

The Targa's torch (code PE406) costs £28 and is supplied separately).

Side/Neck protection and coloured combs are also available.

For further details please contact Bound Tree on 08000 112 999 or visit

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