ACESO Field- Intelligently developed for in-the-field evidence

Portable, evidentially-sound data extraction from mobile phones & devices, SIM and media cards

Gather mobile data evidence at the crime scene

Aceso Field empowers police officers with the ability to examine and interrogate digital mobile devices, quickly and accurately, from a convenient, lightweight, handheld terminal.

Capture immediate intelligence and evidence.

The value of intelligence and evidential data deteriorates rapidly once a phone has been seized. When immediacy of information is paramount to the success of an operation, Aceso Field enables officers to act on evidence acquired from a device, immediately.

Identify additional lines of enquiry

Using recovered call registers, photographs, videos, SMS, email and even social networking data retrieved by Aceso Field, officers can obtain information that would otherwise be unavailable. This data can lead to additional cause for arrest and the identification of associates and other people of interest.

Radio Tactics is the only UK based provider of forensically sound technological equipment that allows law enforcement, military and government agencies to safely and securely recover intelligence and evidence from SIM cards, memory cards and mobile phones and devices.


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