100% Crash Tested

The Bormann Flatbook CO9 is the preferred mobile PC for Police forces in Europe
Bormann has launched the Flatbook C09 mobile wireless PC, for use in any police vehicle, in the UK following a very successful launch across Europe. Already in operational use by police forces in Germany, Poland, Slovenia as well as several others the Flatbook C09 offers a very flexible solution to the need for police mobile data without having a PC fitted in every vehicle. The C09 can be used in-car indefinitely but can also be removed for use outside the vehicle for typically up to 3 hours.

Deploying the C09 widely, significantly reduces fitting costs of fixed PC's and since 20% of cars are typically out of circulation, for service, tyres, etc at any point in time having a flexible solution, where the hard disk is easily removable for security and multiple users, already represents a significant financial saving.

Since the management of any organisation, including the police, has a duty of care towards its employees it is critical that the Flatbook C09 is 100% crash proof and is also 100% inflammable therefore there is no risk of a Police Officer being injured or burnt as a result of a crash, either when stationary or moving, while using the Flatbook C09. There are in addition no issues of vibration and lack of privacy or sunlight issues which are present with a fixed PC solution in car.

Together with the approved accessories finger print reader, passport reader and digital tacho-graph chip card reader the Flatbook C09 provides a fully integrated solution for most police operations. Since the Flatbook C09 can also be easily removed from the vehicle it is simple & efficient to set up a temporary incident room and network several C09's together.

The Flatbook C09 can now be purchased and supported locally in the UK and is supplied as standard with Windows® XP or Windows® 7 Embedded allowing customisation by the police force for each specific application.

Finally the Flatbook C09 has a waterproof, IP54 rating, is backward and forward footprint compatible, presents no sunlight issues and can be easily interfaced to other police accessories via Bluetooth or direct connection. For example the Flatbook C09 can be fitted with a TETRA modem or it can be connected to a TETRA radio via Bluetooth.

For further information contact: Gordon Clements

T: +44 7799 647001

E: gordon@bormann.co.uk

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