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Law and Order garnered immense critical acclaim when first broadcast on April 6th 1978, but also drew a series of damning complaints for the portrayal of the British judicial system.

Each episode of this controversial four-part drama series concentrates on one aspect of the criminal justice system, presenting an investigation from the perspectives of the police force, the criminal, the solicitor and the prison system. Unseen since its transmission 30 years ago, Law and Order will be available on DVD for the first time on 7th April 2008.

Law and Order features a talented cast, including Eastenders stalwarts Derek Martin (Charlie Slater), John Bardon (Jim Branning) and Peter Dean (Peter Beale) as well as Alan Ford, P.H Moriarty (The Long Good Friday, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) and Ken Campbell (In Sickness and In Health).

Produced by Tony Garnett and written by BAFTA award winning writer GF Newman (Judge John Deed), Law and Order is a gripping tale of police and judicial corruption. Law and Order, cited as the original 'Factional Drama' tells the story of chancer Jack Lynn (Peter Dean) a career criminal, and bent copper DI Pyall (Derek Martin) who is determined to imprison Lynn, even if it means fitting him up with armed robbery.

The programme follows the two characters from arrest right through to incarceration offering Newman's often criticised view on the British police force and those who enforce the law.

Newman's insights into the inner workings of British law and order, exposing the inadequacies of the judicial system, resulted in a large public outcry as well as shouts of condemnation and accusation from the House of Commons. Newman 's Law and Order conjures up the murky 1970s Metropolitan underworld populated with bent coppers on the make, "grasses", conniving lawyers and career criminals.

With its searing look at widespread corruption and abuse within the police, Law and Order arguably still provides the most complete glimpse of police culture to date.

Special Features: "Criminal Minds" - a specially shot 25 minute documentary about the making of Law and Order which contains interviews with the original cast and crew, plus a glossary of the criminal slang used in the series.

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