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There's no place like home and no family holiday like the Great British seaside holiday.

With no airport queues, no strikes, no hassle and more time to enjoy the break itself - is it any wonder more people are holidaying at home?

West Sussex on the south coast is a honey pot for families looking for full-on fun holidays.

It's jam-packed with places to visit and things to do and the super Sussex weather is a great added bonus.

And when it comes to accommodation ...caravanning is cool! More and more of us are ditching expensive hotels and classy apartments in favour of the freedom, flexibility and fun that comes with caravan holidays. Not to mention the extra ice cream money!

Caravanning is as much fun for grannies and grandads as it is for mums, dads, aunties, uncles, neighbours, friends - in fact anyone you want to have a great time with.

It's modern day holidaymaking meeting all the demands of families looking for a good time - without breaking the bank.
Nowadays caravans are much more comfortable and spacious than many realise. And Bunn Leisure offers a full package of quality entertainment through the day and into the evening as well as loads of facilities and activities to keep the whole family amused.

Bunn Leisure in Selsey, West Sussex, is the perfect example of a family-focused holiday destination.

With more than 50 years of experience to its name and winners of the Tourism South East Holiday Park of the Year it certainly knows a thing or two about what makes a good holiday. There's so much to see and do on-site and near-by families are spoilt for choice.

Holidays with Bunn Leisure are about as far from Hi-de-Hi! as it's possible to get. The kids have all they want for a fun-filled holiday - even four clubs catering for different age groups - and mums and dads can relax in the evening with the very best of entertainment.
The best kept secret is out...caravanning is cool!

Bunn Leisure is also running some special offers to purchase your own caravan holiday home this September, with prices starting from just £8,995 you could be holidaying as often as you like at a drop of a hat year after year. Whether you need a quiet retreat or a holiday home for fun packed family time, there is something to suit every generation.

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