Balanzza - portable digital luggage scale

In the current climate of airlines reducing their maximum luggage weight to a mere 23kg, Balanzza, the first and only specifically portable digital luggage scale, brings a simple low cost solution for all travellers.

Balanzza is currently working to identify potential partners and distribution opportunities for a product that offers multiple market potential spanning the retail, corporate and promotional markets to name a few.

Paul Mays, Co-founder, remarks "We knew from day one that we had a great product that solved a real problem for the consumer. With the constantly changing allowances of the major and low cost airlines, Balanzza offers the consumer a choice rather than the unpleasant situation of reaching the airport and being forced to pay, potentially unexpected, surcharges."

Retailing at £19.99, the digital luggage scale is a simple and easy solution for travellers concerned about excess baggage charges.

Key benefits include:

• Easy to use.
• Switch from kg. to lb. in one click.
• Compact and lightweight design.
• Large digital display for easy reading.
• Weighs up to 100lbs or 44kgr.
• The automatic hold feature allows you to lift the luggage, set it down on the floor and then read the weight.
• Strong and comfortable handle to lift the object.

In terms of weighing, Balanzza is accurate to within 0.1kilograms, is extremely robust and is able to lift up to 44kg (100lbs); far in excess of any airline baggage allowance.

In addition, Balanzza is capable of weighing anything that the strap can be attached safely to and is less than 44kg. In the brief life of the product so far various new applications have been found:

• Caravanists weighing their gas cylinders,
• Competitive cyclists their bike frames,
• Skiers weighing ski's,
• Golfers golf bags.


Consumer feedback - "We have, over the last few years, been hit on numerous occasions with, seemingly ever increasing excess charges. Finding this nifty little gadget has been a Godsend. We're certain that over the next couple of years it will save us enough money to bring back quite a few more holiday gifts."

"A great little gadget that does the business and saves you money. A must have tool for every traveller."

Retailer feedback - "Since stocking the Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale we have sold 100s of these scales and not had one return - a fantastic product." Scale, January 2008.

Distributor feedback - "From our initial order the Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale has rapidly become on of our best selling items and has led to numerous larger reorders."

Retailing at £19.99 the Balanzza is currently available from the official Balanzza website
The product can be also be purchased from Balanzza's retail/mail order partners including Lakeland; Mailshop; Presents for Men; and Scales Express. It is also available at some small independent retail outlets.

You can contact Balanzza directly via their website at or by telephoning 01234.744.787

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