Despite difficult economy Police Mutual (PMAS) payouts hold up

With interest rates still at all-time low levels, wider spending cuts in the public sector and other economic pressures, Police Mutual (PMAS) is pleased to confirm that payouts to its members exceeded £130 million in 2010. The current net annualised return for Police Mutual Regular Savings policies is 3.2%*, compared to basic interest rates of 0.5%**.

Police Mutual is the UK's largest affinity friendly society, serving officers and staff of the UK police service and their family members. In 2010, over 26,000 members of the Police Family started a savings plan with Police Mutual. Savers can choose from a number of options, including the Police Mutual with-profits fund which smoothes out unpredictable investment returns.

Police Mutual Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Mann said "At a time of financial uncertainty for many people, Police Mutual is able to provide a reliable and stable home for our members' savings and investments. This combination of security and returns continues to be an important part of what we offer our members, together with some of the lowest costs in the industry. As a mutual, we have also increased our focus in seeking to help members and the police service through financial insight, education and support."

Anyone interested in saving with Police Mutual will find product information or by calling the customer service team on 0845 88 22 999.

* Our payout is based on a 30 year old male investing over ten years, paying £5 per week, with payout in January 2011.
**Bank of England base rate 0.5% since March 2009.

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